20 resolutions for a smarter 2022!

It’s a new year! So, if there’s ever a time to create some positive change in your life, now is surely it.

We all know New Year’s resolutions can be difficult to stick by and this is often because we set ourselves unrealistic goals (throwback to that 2 hour workout we all thought we’d do every day for last year’s resolution).

So, for your resolution this year we’d like you to join us in trying one (or all!) of our Live Smart resolutions to help you save money, boost your wellbeing, benefit your community, and improve the planet this year.

We promise to keep them simple and affordable!

Power of the purse

Reduce food waste

1. Batch cook and freeze meals – save both money and time – chilli and curry are great for this!

2. Know your food labels – ‘Best Before’ is not the same as ‘Use by.’ Find out more here.

Spend less, save more!

3. “Do I really need this?” – ask yourself before buying anything – the key is to only buy things you really need and buy things that will last.

4. Reuse, repair and upcycle – make the most of old items and give them a new lease of life. Visit Cheltenham repair cafe or check out these tips from Save the Student.

Use less energy

5. Invest in a clothes horse and avoid using the tumble dryer – your clothes will thank you!

6. Use your microwave, it’s quicker and uses less energy that your oven. Try these recipes for inspiration.

Spend responsibly for positive impact

7. Switch to Fairtrade – coffee, bananas, wine… there are plenty of options. It won’t cost you much more, and can change farmers’ lives.

8. Switch your bank (it’s easier than you think….) – In the 5 years after the Paris Agreement, the world’s 60 biggest banks funnelled £2.8 trillion into fossil fuels. Are your investments funding fossil fuels? Find out how to bank ethically here.

Improve your community

Support the local economy

9. Buy from local, independent shops where possible instead of big-name chains.

10. Donate unwanted items to charity shops – you can use the big red British Heart Foundation bins on campus.

Volunteer your time

11. Volunteer your time and skills to support your local community and a cause you care about. It’s a great way to meet new people and gain fantastic experience for your CV too!

12. Consider work experience in sustainability – search ‘sustainability’ on the future plan portal or email us: sustainability@glos.ac.uk.

Use your voice

13. Join a student society and make a difference – why not try LGBTQ+ or the Green Team?

14. Stand up against stereotypes – speak up if you hear something that doesn’t sound right or report it.

Boost your wellbeing

Improve your diet

15. Become a part time carnivore – eat meat less often and instead have more veggie meals!

16. Avoid processed food and incorporate fresh, seasonal food as much as possible. Use quick recipes like these to have speedy, healthy meals

Get your body moving

17. Join a sports teamfrom boardriders and climbing societies, to football and volleyball teams, there are so many options available to you

18. Look after your body and mind – a walk or run in the park, connecting with nature, is great for your mental and physical health

Quit smoking

19. Speak to your GP, they can provide various supports functions, medication or nicotine replacements (such as patches) to help you quit

20. Check out these 10 self-help tips by the NHS to quit smoking

Whether you choose to pick just one resolution, a combination or all of them, we hope that you find something you can try. And don’t forget, if you start a New Year’s resolution but fall down on it, don’t worry. Just carry on where you left off and give it another go 😀 

Happy 2022!

Nikki and the Live Smart team

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