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The End of Our Power of the Purse Theme

As Live Smart’s Power of the Purse theme is coming to a close, we thought we’d wrap up by looking back at some its highlights…. Our UoG Coffee Morning In the name of spending responsibly, saving you money […]

  Save yourself money 4 February 2019  

Smart Swaps – 5 sustainable switches to pocket those pounds!

The world is turning its attention to more responsible habits – Lidl is cutting back on plastic packaging and no longer selling plastic carrier bags, The Co-op plans to introduce compostable bags, and Iceland own brand products will […]

  Save yourself money 16 January 2019  

Food Glorious Food….

Hands up, who likes saving money? Live Smart’s Power of the Purse month has some serious thrifting hacks to keep your pockets full and your planet happy. First on the agenda? We’re talking about food – bon appétit! #1 Bulk buying […]

  Save yourself money 16 January 2019