Get involved

Live Smart is our student-led project in sustainability. It aims to help you to live in smarter ways that have a positive impact on your wellbeing, save you money, improve your local community, and benefit the wider planet.

There are 3 main ways to get involved this year:

1. Take the community challenge to win prizes

Use your creativity as an individual or as a team – volunteer and make a difference for the global sustainability goals in your local community.

Choose one of our ready-made partnership projects, or create your own!

Find out more here.

2. Join our influencer network

Have fun, meet others, boost your CV and make a difference.

Whether your passion is climate change, or gender equality or wellbeing – being part of this network will help you lead change and improve the future for yourself, for others and for the planet.

We’re looking for students interested in:

  • Communications (blogging, presenting on social media etc.)
  • Action projects (like these)
  • Being part of our new Thinktank

Find out more here.

3. Follow us

Get student living hacks, win competitions, find out about activities.

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