Join the student sustainability community

We’ve created a network of savvy students who can lead change and improve the future for themselves, for others and for the planet.

Whether your passion is climate change, or gender equality or wellbeing – global change needs you, so join our team of change makers.

What do the community do?


Help students live smarter and make the local and global community more sustainable by;

  • Writing themed blogs (like these)
  • Presenting live social media
  • Creating short films
  • Engaging with your student networks e.g. societies, sports teams, course groups and social networks

Take a look at our Communications Jobs Board for current opportunities and ideas.

Action projects

Get practical to help students live smarter and make the local and global community more sustainable by;

  • Holding an event
  • Running a campaign
  • Setting up an interest group

Find out about existing projects to join or ways to start your own here.


Occasional get-together for tea and cake to workshop ideas and offer feedback on how students want to see things move forwards for sustainability at UoG.

What’s in this for you?

Apart from that warm fuzzy feeling of making life better for everyone, you’ll get:

  • To gain rewards and exclusive access to small paid commissions
  • To make friends – meet new people and share your interests and insights
  • Access to training and mentoring to boost your CV and help you learn about and lead change for sustainability
  • Peer-peer and expert support to make your sustainability ideas happen

How do I get involved?

Follow the Sustainability Team on one of their social media channels (Twitter, Facebook or Instagram) and send a direct message to our page to let us know what you are interested in and what you can offer. Or email us:

Tell me more about Live Smart

Live Smart is about helping you save money, boost your wellbeing, improve your local community and benefit the planet. We offer tips, challenges and events which aim to make it easy for all students to make a difference.