Gardens for wellbeing

Did you know that gardening is shown to reduce anxiety by 26% and a massive 30% of people are more likely to report their health as ‘excellent’ by immersing themselves within nature?

If you want to benefit from a similar wellbeing boost, our campus community gardens and growing spaces have got you covered.

We have two main growing hubs on campus: the Edible Garden at FCH and the garden at Park. There is also a peace garden at Oxstalls run by the chaplaincy team.

Here’s what we get up to, and how you can get involved.

Park Garden

This is a new haven behind Broadlands Lodge at the bottom of Park Lawn with mixture of raised and ground-level beds, as well as a greenhouse.

The space can be enjoyed in a number of ways:

1. Sit and Relax

Visit at any time to chill, take time out, meet with others or enjoy lunch under the trees.

2. Host an activity or event

Is your society or sports team looking for a new kind of social? Or maybe you’re an individual with a talent to share! The garden is a great space for everything from volunteer afternoons to community picnics, yoga sessions or outdoor art classes. If you have an idea – get in touch!

3. Become a flexible volunteer

Outside of organised sessions, there are still lots of jobs to do from watering to weeding and managing the space. Could you spare a few minutes on your lunchbreak? Or pop by on your way home? Let us know and we’ll give a guided tour on the details.

To find out more, drop us a line:

Or follow us on social media: Twitter, Facebook or Instagram and keep an eye on our Instagram highlight here for progress!

FCH Edible Garden

Founded more than 10 years ago, this garden is tucked behind Shaftesbury Hall of residence and is run as a partnership between the local community residents association and the University.

Volunteers meet all year round on Sundays to look after the space which grows a variety of seasonal fruit as vegetables throughout the year.

The garden also has an outdoor pizza oven which is great for bringing people together in spring and summer.

To get involved, email Rowan Middleton –

Find out more: