Meet the team

We are a team of students who want to help you save you money, boost your wellbeing, improve your local community and benefit the wider planet. Find out more about us below.

Alison Hardwick


Subject: Landscape Architecture

Year of study: Masters

Live Smart specialism: I lead on designing visual communications for Live Smart events and activities.

My Live Smart top tip: Don’t rush into buying everything brand new! Check out well-known second-hand websites to find yourself a bike – a cheap and healthy way to get around town! Also, there are lots of great vintage and charity shops in town to help save money on clothes.

Bailey Walker

Film Maker

Subject: Film Production

Year of study: 2

Live Smart specialism: I am creating short, fun films to show just how simple it is to live smart!

My Live Smart top tip: Give gardening a go – active gardening can reduce anxiety by 26%. Make friends, have fun and be healthy. Check out my short film about the Edible Garden at FCH.

Dan Bates

Communications Officer

Subject: Advertising

Year of study: 2

Live Smart specialism: I help you find out about Live Smart activities and bring you the very best student hacks for living smarter. Follow us on TwitterFacebook and Instagram.

My Live Smart top tip: Live by an “I’ll-be-the-judge-of-that” attitude when it comes to food past it’s best before date. Perfectly good food isn’t perfectly good once it’s thrown in the bin – save your money, time, and dinner!

Kane Peters

Events Co-ordinator

Subject: Music Business

Year of study: 1

Live Smart specialism: I am working with Emma to design and deliver fun and practical events to help you live smarter.

My Live Smart top tip: Cook, freeze, save – batch cooking is one of the most cost effective ways to use your oven. Buying food in bulk can also be cheaper, reduce food waste, and save you time in the week. Win win!