Meet the team

Live Smart is run by students who want to help you save money, boost your wellbeing, improve your local community and benefit the wider planet. 

The team is headed up by Will and Nikki, but you can involved too by becoming an influencer. Get in touch with Will to find out more.

Nikki Rimmel

Sustainability Communications Officer

Course Subject: BSC Geography

Year of Study: 3

My Role: I’m responsible for communicating all things Sustainable to our students, staff and the wider community, through social media posts, blogs and events!

Fun Fact: The world’s oldest trees are 4,600 years old! Lets look after our elders…

My Live Smart Top Tip: Invest in a thermoflask! You can pick them up for as little as a tenner and they can save you money and help the planet. Just make yourself a cuppa in the morning (cheaper than buying one) and it’ll still be nice and toasty by the time you reach campus. It’s a one-off spend, followed by years of lovely (and cheap) hot drinks plus the knowledge you’re helping to reduce single-use cups! #Winner

Will Weaving

Live Smart Co-ordinator

Subject:  BSc Geography

Year of study: 3

My role: I’m here to help students get involved in the gardening and growing spaces, as well as firing up our influencer network and helping to develop and plan exciting events (both online and on campus) for students to get involved with!

Fun fact: I once volunteered in Sri Lanka, providing school children with essential learning equipment and working in an elephant sanctuary, assisting with the rehabilitation of once neglected elephants <3

My Live Smart top tips: Get creative! If you’re thinking of doing a clear out. Look to see if there is anything you can transform- Is there an old jumper you can turn into a decorative pillow? Have you got spare bits of wood that you could make a bird box/ bug hotel with? Let your creativity shine and save yourself money!