Podcast: Live Smart Investigates….

‘Live Smart Investigates….’ is our new podcast series where we’ll be grilling the experts and conquering the confusion on all the hot topics for sustainability.

From getting to the bottom of the Net Zero Carbon lingo, to how to spot greenwashing every time – this is a series not to be missed!

A new episode will be released every 2 weeks during Semester 1, so make sure to check back here, subscribe on spotify, or keep an eye on our social channels!

Meet your hosts!

Will Weaving – Live Smart Co-ordinator, 3rd year Geography students and devoted vegan!

Nikki Rimell – Sustainability Communications Officer, 3rd year Geography student and houseplant enthusiast!

Listen to our trailer

This 90 second introduction will give you an idea of what this podcast series is all about, as well as giving you some short and snappy tips on how you can Live Smarter.

Live episodes

Episode 1 – Live Smart Investigates Carbon

The UK has a target to become ‘net zero’ by 2050 and many businesses and organisations including UoG have ambitions to achieve this even sooner than that. But what does net zero really mean? What do we need to create, and what might we need to sacrifice?

Episode 2 – Live Smart Investigates Social Prescribing

Many studies have shown that connecting with nature and community boosts wellbeing and reduces anxiety. This is so much so that doctors are now prescribing nature-based and social solutions such as signing patients up to allotment projects or walking groups. In this episode we’ll be unpacking some of the wellbeing issues in today’s society and looking at what we can learn from the social prescribing model.

Episode 3 – Live Smart Investigates Greenwashing

With more and more people wanting to make values-based choices about what they buy or where they work, companies are increasingly keen to appear green. But – be warned! Behind some of these ‘green’ marketing campaigns lies some very unsustainable truths! In this episode, we’ll be getting to the heart of authentic sustainability and giving you the tools to spot those green disguises and make informed choices.

Episode 4 – Live Smart Investigates Tech

With remote learning/working becoming the norm, we’re all spending more and more time glued to computers and smart phones. Studies even show that over 12% of UK residents have actually bought new tech to help them since the start of the pandemic, but this all comes with a cost! In this episode we’ll explore a range of issues related to tech and considering what the solutions might be.