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Be a Global Athlete

Are you in a sports team? Sign up! If your team completes the most challenges and makes the biggest impact, you could win money to reinvest in your club.

Be aware

Girls as young as 6 believe brilliance is a male trait. Recognize sterotypes, avoid them, and education others about them.

Be up to date

Knowing what’s going on in the world is a great first step to making a difference. Try following Global Goalson twitter, or downloading a news app to your phone.

Buy local

Support local businesses and cafes. Try 19 of the best independent coffee shops in Gloucestershire.

Declutter = donate

UoG donated 1325 bags of goods to the British Heart Foundation last year worth around £18,550, via the big red bins on campus.


You’ve joined a community that’s no. 2 in the UK for sustainability. To be more actively involved, check out our website:

Get involved with RCE Severn

It offers skills development and volunteering opportunities with local organizations interested in making a positive local and global impact.

Give gardening a go

Make friends, have fun, learn new skills, get great exercise and grow great grub. Visit the Edible Garden at FCH or community allotment at Park.

Join a society or team

Maybe you could try STAR (Student Action for Refugees), RAG (Raising and Giving) or the Volunteering Society.

Shop local

Local foods are often more nutritious as they are consumed closer to harvest. Download the ‘MiLarder’ app for all the farms, markets and shops in Gloucestershire.

Stand up against harassment

Whether in the workplace, streets, home or the online space, raise your voice against it and report it. See SU harassment pages for info.

Use your voice

Think something needs to change in your community? Get in touch! You could use SimOn, social media, or email direct.


Make friends, have fun, boost employability. Check out the SU volunteering pages or Volunteering Gloucestershire: Don’t forget to #Bankit