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Walk for wellbeing

Walking to University can be more than just good exercise. Enjoy time to boost your creativity and reduce your stress.

Improve your wellbeing

Be aware

UN global goal 3 aims to improve health and wellbeing across the planet by 2030. Visit the Students’ Union health pages for advice on drugs.

Improve your wellbeing


Quitting smoking can give you more energy and save you money. For advice and support talk to your Doctor or visit Healthy Lifestyles Gloucestershire

Improve your wellbeing

Be safe

There are lots of safe ways to travel between campus by bike or foot. Try tips to cycle with confidence or sign up to free cycle training – Email the SU:

Improve your wellbeing

Be active

Aim to achieve at least 150 minutes of physical activity over a week. Try walking or cycling to Uni, or check out Active Gloucestershire for fun groups and activities to be involved in.

Improve your wellbeing

Try mindfulness

It can help reduce anxiety, improve mood and make you more productive. The University chaplaincy offers free weekly classes at all campuses.

Improve your wellbeing

Be a part-time carnivore

Reducing the meat in your diet can have a number of health benefits, save you money, and help the planet. Check out Part-Time Carnivore or Meat Free Monday recipes.

Improve your wellbeing

Eat well

Visit UoG refectories for fresh, healthy, local food, with ethical and sustainable ingredients, or cook for yourself. Try these tips from Deliciously Ella for eating well as a student.

Improve your community

Give gardening a go!

Active gardening can reduce anxiety by 26%, Make friends, have fun and be healthy. Try the Edible Garden at FCH or community allotment at Park.

Improve your wellbeing

Invest in a blender

Freeze left over fruit to blend into refreshing smoothies. It reduces food waste, and you will always have a healthy option without having to run to the shop constantly.

Improve your wellbeing

Be balanced

A healthy diet can improve your mood and help you both sleep and concentrate better. Check out healthy Gloucestershire for more diet tips.

Improve your wellbeing

Connect with nature

Improve health, happiness, and self-esteem. There’re lots of great walks and nature trails on and around campus. Try this one at park.

Improve your wellbeing

Try local

Local foods are often more nutritious as they are consumed closer to harvest. Download the ‘MiLarder’ app for all the farms, markets and shops in Gloucestershire

Improve your wellbeing

Get on your bike

Great exercise and faster than walking or getting the bus. Get second hand bikes from Gloucestershire Bike Project, Ebay, Gumtree, or Cycle Republic.

Improve your wellbeing