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Be a part-time carnivore

All veggie mains in UoG refectories are 65p cheaper than the meat mains. Check out Part-Time Carnivore or great recipes for a Meat Free Monday.

Buy a bus pass

Discounted for students this works out cheaper than buying a ticket on the bus every day.

Check the charity shops

Bag the fashionable finds with this ultimate guide to charity shop shopping. You get more for your money, help reduce waste, and support a worthy cause.

Cook with your mates

Cooking together reduces the amount of time your oven needs to use energy, but it’s also a great chance to look out for each other’s wellbeing.

Cook, freeze, save

Batch cooking is one of the most cost effective ways to use your oven. Buying food in bulk can also be cheaper, reduce food waste, and save you time in the week.

Do you really need it?

Try 9 simple tips for living with less plastic.

If it’s broken, get it fixed

Why buy new if you can repair your old favourites? Visit the Regeneration repair café to save those treasures from landfill.

Invest in a bike (even second hand)

Great exercise, faster than walking and cheaper than the bus. Cycle Republic offers a 15% discount to all UoG students and a free bike check.

Invest in a clothes horse

It’s cheaper than using the tumble dryer and will also help your clothes last longer. Check out clever care for more clothes hacks.

Join the #TapChat

Reduce your water bill with tips from Save the Student, and try these fun ways to reduce water use from Hubbub.

Know your food labels

Best before is often still great after. Reduce your food waste and save up to £20 a month with these tips from Sainsburys.

Love your leftovers

The UK throws away £13bn of food each year. Check out Love Food Hate Waste for delicious left over recipes to help you make the most of every penny.

Only boil what you need

Boiling a full kettle of water can take nearly 4 times as long and cost 4 times as much as boiling just a cup.

Put a lid on your pan

It will save on your energy bill and even cook your food faster!

Reuse and upcycle

Try 80 awesome upcycling ideas for your bedroom, or 22 ways to reuse empty bottles or 31 things you can make out of cereal boxes

Shop around

Finding good bulk buys for dry foods can save you money, use less packaging and mean you need to visit the shops less often! Try the world food isle in the supermarket.

Switch things off if they don’t need to be on

Cookers, microwave clocks, lights, equipment on standby etc.

Think 30

Your washing machine alone could account for 7% of a student house energy bill. Choose the eco setting and check out 10 tips for energy efficient washing.

Try your microwave

It’s quicker and uses less energy than the oven. How about 7 DIY microwave meals for students or 31 genius microwave recipes?