Win prizes: Take the community challenge

Join forces with your local community – create a better future for people and the planet

Community is both local and global. It’s about connections, celebrating diversity and working together for the good of all.

The United Nations has 17 Global Goals to improve the sustainability of communities by the year 2030. These include gender equality, health and wellbeing, sustainable consumption and production and climate action:

What’s the challenge?

As an individual or as a team – volunteer and make a local difference  for the global goals.

All you need to do is:

  1. Team up with a community group – choose one of our ready-made partnership projects, or create your own!
  2. Capture your adventure – share what you achieved for the global goals – e.g. with photos, film or blogs
  3. Sign up to our community festival – celebrate your achievements and pitch to the judges to win prizes

How will we be judged?

The judges will be looking at:

  • How well you worked with the community
  • What you achieved together for the Global Goals, benefiting people, profit and the planet
  • How you captured and shared your experience to inspire others

What could we win?

We have 2 categories of prizes: 1 for individual entries, and 1 for team entries

1st Prize – £350
2nd Prize – £150  
1st Prize – £150
2nd Prize – £50  

How do we enter?

You can complete your challenge any time in semester 1 or 2 up until the end of March 2020 but you will need to let us know you want to take part by the end of January 2020, so here are the steps:

1. Express your interest as soon as you have an idea for your challenge

Just complete this quick online form to let us know:

  • What your challenge is/which of our partner projects interests you
  • When it’s taking place
  • Who’s involved
2. Complete your challenge activity and make your entry using the criteria above

Once you’ve completed your challenge, complete this form with evidence of your adventure (photos, videos, blogs etc.) and sign up to our community festival (details coming soon).

Love the idea, but I need a bit of help….

Charlotte is on hand to help you come up with ideas, find the challenge for you and support you every step of the way. We can also help you join a team if you’re keen to make new friends. Message us on social media, or email: