Business Engagement Trip to Hillside Brewery

On October 2nd, the MSc Marketing students took a business engagement trip to Hillside Brewery, a micro-brewery and events company located near Ross-on-Wye. Following the relaunch of their company in 2014, they have won in recent years a number of regional and national awards.

The purpose of this trip was to introduce the concept of Marketing, the role of Marketing, and how Marketing relates to different functions of business – such as operations, finance, and human resources, in a real business environment. Paul Williamson, the director of Hillside Brewery, gave the students a talk about Marketing practice in the context of Hillside Brewery and showed the students around. The students also had opportunities asking questions.

The students very much enjoyed the experience of visiting the Brewery and found the trip to be engaging and valuable in enhancing their understanding of the Marketing subject.

A video of the trip is here: 

Dr Lily Wang

Academic Course Leader: MSc Marketing

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