The Power of Place

On the eve of the opening of our new £16 million building, we asked academic staff what the new building and location meant to them.

The School was based at Park Campus in Cheltenham for over 20 years, so as imagined, a move into a new building has caused much excitement.

Our lecturers believe that the school is filled with opportunities to connect with the local businesses, students to work hand in hand with them on projects and even help SMEs. The facilities, such as Moot room, Trading room and consumer behaviour lab are aimed at preparing students for their careers.

This will also give students an experience like no other. Students will gain more career centred knowledge as well as improve the quality of their assignments by performing in-depth primary research.

The staff also feel that thanks to the new business school, the courses within it will be much less scattered around therefore, the departments will be able to work more closely together, allowing students to feel part of one school. It will also allow students to own the space in terms of being able to run more student-led activities, which will improve their leadership skills.

Of course, on the other hand it has also been quite emotional as it a big space and new building. This is a big investment and to some, it is a physical representation of appreciation and trust the university is putting into their staff.

 Overall, the new building is a foundation: a place to grow, for growth and that will grow and improve in time, as well as a place to explore new horizons together.




James Dupoy says:

As a former business alumni of UOG, this is great news! Fantastic to see further investment into the school! #UOG

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