Felicity Hammond and Dave Petts – visiting lecturers

Felicity Hammond, Dave Petts  – Visiting lecturers 


On Thursday 27th March the BA Photography course was again lucky to welcome two visitors, both of whom were recent graduates of the course and who have gone on to very different paths. By pure coincidence, both graduated in the same year (2011), and both just happened to be in here on the same day.


Felicity Hammond came to do a day of tutorials for the year 3 group who are just completing their final projects and getting ready for their degree show. She is at the time of writing completing her MA at the Royal College of Art. Even before she embarked on this, she was winning international competitions and, for example, had work included in two shows in Manhattan. She also worked as an education worker at the prestigious Whitechapel Gallery and studied for her PGCE….an impressive set of achievements for someone in their first year out of college. Whilst at the Royal College of Art, she has gone on to get bursaries and awards for projects in Paris and Italy – see more about her work on her web site:



Image Felicity Hammond working in her studio

It is really valuable to get outside people in to feedback on work at this stage, and Felicity was generous with her advice and insights that gave the group a wider perspective on their work.

Dave Petts’ main work as a student was based on irreverent montages, influenced by heroes of the genre such as John Heartfield and Terry Gilliam, and, as well as still collages, made video pieces in the same style. After graduation, he combined this new skill with his other passion for motorbikes. He started working freelance, making trackside videos of racing events and going on to produce work for Renault and online ITV channels. He came in for the day to talk about this work and to offer work placements for the thrill seekers in the group. A great opportunity for current students to develop their skills and CVs.


 ImageImageImageMontages by Dave Petts 

It was a busy but exciting day (there was a further talk in the afternoon by the Princes Trust about setting up in business that was highly informative and engaging). The course is always very pleased to see its graduates doing well and coming back to share their knowledge. Each student after leaving here forges their own pathway and having graduates come back in to speak helps current students think about how they will pursue their own aims and goals when they themselves graduate.

 It also helps us to keep the course up to date and reminds us all of what ambitious students go on to achieve. 

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