A day trip to Dismaland

In the first week of the new semester a group of us got on the train to Weston Super Mare and visited Banksy’s acclaimed installation / alternative theme park, Dismaland. We couldn’t get tickets online (not for want of trying) so we took our chances and stood in a long long queue…all part of the dismal experience. We all agreed that the long wait was well worth the effort, this was a once in a decade chance to experience something very special.

Dismaland was in part a satire on bad seaside days out and low grade tourist attractions – all done with Banksy’s usual penetrating wit. But alongside the so-bad-they   – were-brilliant attractions (a game where you tried to knock an anvil off a pedestal with ping pong balls, a carousel that rode backwards, a revolving caravan that defied description) there was a hard hitting political punch. Swipes were made by the 50 or so artists that Banksy had invited to contribute work at establishment indifference to hardship and injustice. The migrant crisis featured heavily as a theme. The day out was both very entertaining and deeply thought provoking – a brilliant way to start the new year at Uni.


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