Berlin trip February 2016

Berlin is a regular trip for the course – the city is relaxed but vibrant, culturally rich and always an enjoyable part of the year’s activities. We stayed in the now fashionable district of Prenzlauberg, which – apart from great pubs and restaurants – is  a centre for photography publishing and photography bookshops. We had a great bespoke talk by Thomas Gust of Bildband who’s knowledge and enthusiasm for contemporary photography publishing was inspiring (look at the website –

Other than that we visited as many of the must -see sights as we could, saw some of the amazing major galleries (Hamburger Banhof, Belinischer Gallery , the Bauhaus in Dessau, etc) as well as some of the smaller private galleries that give Berlin its reputation for cutting edge culture. And we danced the tango at the wonderful Clarchans ballroom as well as the twist and other 50s / 60s dance moves at a late night club nearby.

A great trip all round.


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