Visit to the Raghu Rai school, near Delhi by Al Pitt, year 1 BA Photography

We arrived at the Photography school located in the outskirts of the city of Delhi.
On arrival we entered the grounds of the institution which was beautiful, displaying colourful flowers and architecture. The location was literally idyllic, a place to sit in constant contemplation while you work or just relax.

As we all walked through the garden we were greeted by teacher Nitin Rai the son of Raghu Rai, Magnum photographer.  To begin, Nitin welcomed us with Tea and books by his world renowned father.

We then proceeded to the main classroom and presented ourselves to the photographers. The students at the school were predominately Indian apart from one woman who was Mexican.

After our lecturer Tony introduced us all (University of Gloucestershire students) to the home students, one by one we stood up in front of everyone and gave short presentations on our own personal work. This was a great chance to show what creative directions each of us are taking in the industry. And vice-versa we understood what Ragu Rai’s students were learning too.

On reflection looking at the work from the home and away students, we realized the  our course was much more broad than the Indian one for which the students had till that point focused largely on street photography, taking direction from photographers like Alex Webb. (They were later due to undertake courses in fashion and studio work as well).

To end the day we all mixed together and discussed aspirations as well as anything else that came to mind.

We took so much positivity from the visit, including building a friendship with one student called Ishit Bawaranda who traveled with us for the remainder of our time in Delhi, showing us some places we could never of planned for. Also, we all had the sad realization that the food in our main canteen at University fell well short of that of the Indian school.

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