A new year starting with a visit to Lacock Abbey

We had a great start to our new academic year with a trip to Lacock Abbey, one of the places where photography was invented and developed.

Last year we went to Banksy’s Dismaland in Weston Super Mare. Lacock was a much more relaxing experience, basking in history and the preserved beauty of the old village. Seeing ¬†the actual place where some of the earliest photographs were taken has a definite magic – standing in the same room with some of the same objects as we can see in images¬†from over 180 years ago make us very aware of how photographs are time capsules. In particular, standing by the oriel window that Henry Fox Talbot photographed in the late 1830s feels quite ghostly.

We were joined on the trip by some of our wonderful second year students, new MA students and other staff members, a very nice way to start the new academic year. Two days after this trip the first year students showed each other their portfolios – this was very exciting and we all felt that the next three years will see some special work being made.


Images by Lisa Lavery, MA photography student / course technician

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