Amsterdam trip March 2017

A favourite part of our year here is going on a trip with our students to a city overseas. This year, by popular demand, we went to Amsterdam and were delighted to find, alongside the  charms of the canals and old streets, a number of really good galleries showing a great range of photographic work. We visited excellent shows by notables such as Sugimoto, Chrystel Lebas and Ren Hang, then also were privileged to have a talk by the owners of Gallerie Vassie, who showed us stunning collections of vintage and original prints by Norman Parkinson and Henry Horenstein.

Aside from the photography, we enjoyed social evenings with lecturers,  year one and year two students sitting together over a few beers, getting to know each other better. And to finish it off there was an amazing evening gathering of green parrots in the trees of the Vondelpark, near where we were staying. An exhausting but highly enjoyable trip.


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