Oxford Photography Festival

We met our wonderful new first year students on 18th September and next day all went on a trip to the Oxford Photography Festival. We saw some great shows – the most notable was work by Sergei Vassiliev and Arkady Bronnikov, of tattoos of Russian prisoners. Text panels explained the coded meanings of the tattoos, a fascinating glimpse into a dark world. Martin Parr’s images of Oxford University have proved controversial (some have said they are a promotion for the university, rather than his usual detached, satirical approach). Either way, a thought provoking show. There was also great work at the Pitt Rivers museum (hidden away in some of the museum’s darker corners but well worth rooting out).

This was an excellent way for us all to start getting to know each other. Later in the week we saw portfolios of students’ previous work – very exciting, the range and quality of work was impressive and we have really high hopes for this year.





Liz says:

Photo Oxford 2020 ‘Women and Photography: Ways of Seeing and Being Seen’ will be taking place from October – November. We hope your students will visit again this year. Get in touch with us for more information.

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