Festival Pil’Ours – Because We Can

Graduating Student Gwen Exton is currently exhibiting work at The Festival Pil’Ours in France as part of Shutter Hub’s ‘Because We Can’ Exhibition.

Festival Pil’Ours is an annual international festival of photography showcasing the work of female-identifying photographers from around the world.

Shutter Hub were invited to take a exhibition to the seaside town of St Gilles Croix de Vie and not only be able to make the connection with such a wonderful festival, but also to be able to engage with really good people.

As a relatively young festival (now only in its third year) Festival Pil’Ours is gaining momentum and reaching an increasingly large audience each year. The exhibitions are spread out across the town and surrounding areas, and can be found by chance, or by following the detailed map and programme which can be picked up for free across the town. In the Tourist Information building more information is available, postcards and leaflets too.

Because We Can showcases the work of almost 70 female identifying photographers from around the world including Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Finland, Greece, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Mexico, United States, Qatar, and the UK.”

“There are themes that reoccur in the work; current affairs, loss, strength, empowerment – all from women who may not have yet met, but share some of the same interests and energy.”

‘We are all equal, but we all see things differently, and that’s something fascinating to explore and share. It’s been a wonderful experience working with the Festival Pil’Ours team, they couldn’t have been more helpful or welcoming. We’ve met some amazing photographers through this exhibition, and we’ve found new opportunities to connect and further the work we do.’

Karen Harvey, Shutter Hub Creative Director

Shutter Hub at Festival Pil'oursShutter Hub at Festival Pil'oursShutter Hub at Festival Pil'oursShutter Hub at Festival Pil'ours

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