The Times and Sunday Times Literature Festival

Luke Johnston (Level 6) spent a week during The Times & Sunday Times Literature Festival Oct 2015 using skills learnt on the course and his own initiative to photograph celebrities in Cheltenham. Here is a selection of his portraiture. Luke managed to photograph (amongst others) Don McCullin,Terry Wogan, Daphne Selfe, Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall, Bill Oddie, Andrew Marr, AP McCoy, Alexander Armstrong. Luke first worked with The Times for his industry placement for AD5000 Professional Practice module.

Luke adds…

“During my placement with The Times, they asked that I stay on an extra week to spend more time out on the job with photographers Richard Pohle and Jack Hill. After learning my way around the picture desk and proving myself very capable when out shooting with Richard and Jack, The Times gave me my very own commission to photograph The Big Blue exhibition of Damien Hirst’s shark preserved in a tank formaldehyde, at the Ordovas Gallery, London. This specific image was chosen by the editor and made the print! When I returned to Cheltenham I was keen to get involved with the Cheltenham Literature Festival in the hope to photograph some of the celebrities making an appearance. I called up a few contacts from The Times and cheekily got my name down as press on behalf of The Times.”

All images ©Luke Johnston 2015


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