News: BPPA Associate Membership

Yesterday (18th October 2022) we were finally able to launch the courses tie in with The BPPA, (The British Press Photographers Association.


Associate membership will give students access to fifteen working press photographers who have kindly offered some time to act as mentors, students who are interested in press photography, or long form photojournalism, are encouraged to join as an associate member. Membership will be via a locked Facebook page, which will be made available to students on the course only.

In that Facebook group students will not only be able to see all of the mentors, but will also be able to ask questions, “How do I?”, “Who do I approach to..”, “What should I do when”?

The Competition

To celebrate the launch of the associate membership the BPPA are also running a competition, in conjunction with Getty and supported by Canon. The theme for the competition is; “A week in the life of….”, Students will need to submit onto the Facebook group three pictures taken between Monday 24th October 2022 and Sunday 30th October 2022.

The brief is deliberately loose, and students can submit anything from your week. The deadline is fixed, and is a ‘do not miss’ of 12pm (mid-day) on Thursday 1st November 2022. The winner, will be decided by the BPPA mentors, who will choose their winner with the winner announced in the evening of November 3rd 2022 on the Facebook page.

The Prize.

The overall winner will travel to London on Monday 7th November and will go to the Canon offices to pick up their camera equipment, who are loaning students the kit for two days. Whilst at Canon, you will get a full run through of the equipment, and all the features of the kit you are being loaned. You’ll then head to a hotel, in London for the night. With all of your travel and hotel cost covered by The BPPA.

The following day, you will meet up with a Getty photographer, at Hamley’s toy store and will cover with Getty the unveiling of their Christmas Window display for 2022, you’ll then file your images from the day and return to Cheltenham, just like a real photojournalist. 

This is a fantastic initiative from The BPPA, and something we as a course have been working on for three years. Thanks to Paul for your time today and for briefing the students on the scheme.


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