Thinking about a PhD??? Over 53 Funded PhD Opportunities available today via

Thinking about a PhD either now or in the future? Then go to and look at the range of fully funded PhD studentships on offer. Some of them are very specific such as one offered by Swansea University looking at a specific study of memory and another one also at Swansea looking at the Cognitive and Emotional effects of video gaming. Others like those available at the University of Huddersfield allow you to develop your own research proposal within a number of themes for example “working with sex offenders in the community” or “maintaining police investigator wellbeing”. Clearly Universities don’t just hand out PhD funding and you will be in competition with others for the places – so it is often good to start to look at what is available and maybe even chance your arm with an application or two even in you aren’t quite ready to go for it – just to see if you are in with a chance or if you need to develop areas of your application. Fully funded PhD’s cover your tuition fees and also pay an annual bursary of around £15,000 a year to cover your living expenses. Definitely not to be sneezed at.

But what do you need to think about when you are looking for a PhD and a PhD supervisor?? Clearly you need to find a topic that you are interested in but you also need to think about your style of working and how much “control” you feel that you need to have. So, for example, if you are accepted onto a PhD that is already fully formed by the supervisor and meets a specific proposal that has been accepted and funded by an outside body (for example EPSRC) then you will need to follow a pre-prescribed plan. That may suit you – or it may not – you need to think about your preferred style, because you will be living your PhD, day in and day out and if you are in conflict from the beginning with the way it is laid out – then you will be very unhappy.

The second thing you need to think about is your supervisor and the department that you will be working within. One of the things that I didn’t appreciate when I started my PhD was that I was joining a weird family type of structure. The other PhD students in the department were my PhD siblings, their supervisors were my PhD uncles and aunts and of course my supervisors were my parents! Those relationships are enduring, and I now have contacts with my PhD “family” across the world. It feels very special and I feel very lucky and if a PhD is on your horizon I would recommend that you start to look at the opportunities sooner rather than later so you can start to position yourself as soon as you can ….. I would recommend it heartily – although there will be more than a few moments when you wonder why on earth you started the journey – it is worth it – not just for the academic training but for friendship and the development of an understanding of your own inner strength (and areas that need work! Go for it …. And good luck 🙂

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