What I wish we’d known about university before we started

by Chloe Pike


I started at the University of Gloucestershire 12 months ago on the Criminology and Psychology undergraduate course. There are several things in which I wish we knew before I had started that would have made both the transition to university and general life easier. Below are 10 top things I would have benefited from knowing prior to starting first year!


  1. Join the Facebook groups and group chats. Third year students often sell their old textbooks here meaning if you cannot find them in the library you will be able to buy them more cheaply. Also, these groups are a great way to get to know your course mates as well as a place to go if you are stuck on an assignment.
  2. Sign up to more than one club and/or a society. The University of Gloucestershire has over 50 societies and signing up to these can be done at the Freshers Fair so you can see what there is to offer. There are taster sessions for many sports clubs too so go along and see what you enjoy!
  3. Complete the Gloucestershire Employability Award. Complete the Bronze level in your first year and you will receive a free water bottle and a free hoodie if you are one of the first to complete it! This along with the clubs/ societies will provide you with many transferable skills that you can speak about in graduate job interviews.
  4. Pre buy your tickets for Freshers events and nights out throughout the year from the Student Union online shop. This saves you money and when in a s ports team, 10p from each ticket you buy will go towards your team at the end of the year.
  5. Don’t bring washing powder for the washing machines! Most of the machines do not allow it so do not buy a massive box of it like I did!
  6. Bring earplugs! It can be noisy in halls when people are returning from nights out and if you have a 9:15am lecture these will be a blessing in disguise!
  7. Apply to be a student ambassador. This was the best decision I have made as it means I have part-time work but also allows me to improve many skills that I can take with me once I graduate. You also get a free Superdry Top and Hoodie as uniform!
  8. Freeze your bread! This is a great way to save money and it makes it last so much longer!
  9. The future plan portal posts so many opportunities such as skill improving workshops; internships and jobs so check it regularly to see what is available.
  10. If you want work experience/ an internship then go to the Growth Hub. Small businesses from in and around Gloucestershire use this area and are always looking for students to work for them. These companies have offered many students jobs after university.


I hope these tips help you if you are feeling worried about starting at the University of Gloucestershire!


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