Unpaywall – identify the open access journal articles among your internet search results

You’ve found the perfect journal for your assignment in your search results but it isn’t a journal the university subscribes to and you cannot access the full text – or can you?

Unpaywall flags up the open access journals among your search results. Open Access journals are available to the public without payment, or in some cases, individual articles from non-open access journals may be openly accessible because someone – usually the author’s employer or research funder has paid a fee to make the article available to the public in order to reach the widest readership; this is gold open access.

Unpaywall works with Google Chrome or Firefox and it is free. Once you have installed the Unpaywall browser extension, search the internet in the usual way and if any of the resulting articles are open access, they are flagged using the open padlock icon on the right hand side. You will only see the open access padlock icon when you click on the title of the item in the results list. Click the open padlock icon to go to the full text article.

Full text, open access success rates are reported to be between 60% and 85% when you use Unpaywall. Add Unpaywall to your browser here: https://unpaywall.org/

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