Episode 2 – E-Learn2006

Friday the 13th (Oct ’06) – Day 1 of the E-Learn conference in Hawaii…

This day was dominated by two long (3 and a half-hour each) workshops. In the morning I attended a session by Anthony Klejna of Daemen College. This gave a lot of detail of the development of technologies for e-learning (video codecs and the like). His blog, and links to his talk’s contents are available on his web-site… let me know if any of this is useful.

[Hard to concentrate when this (see image) is the view out of the conference room door…]

After lunch – we headed for the enthusiastic, fancy-dress infused world of Professor Curtis Bonk. His blog covers this event – and links to lots of e-learning resources…

His talk is summarised thus:

‘Podcasts and Wikis and Blogs, Oh My!: Online Learning is Not in Kansas Anymore…

[Picture was taken at this actual session… Professor Bonk is on the far-left]

The continued emergence of new online technologies (e.g., podcasts and wikis and blogs, oh my!) has pushed us into strange lands not previously visited. One need not be a scarecrow or a cowardly lion, however. After participants click their heels three times, this fun packed session will travel to Oz for a look at how online learning can be made intellectually and pedagogically rich. It will provide ways to address the learning preferences or styles of diverse learners, including millennial and Generation X and Y learners as well as that of the munchkins. Bonk will try to show participants the yellow brick road to follow in negotiating emerging technologies and pedagogies. Then, if the Wicked Witches of the East and West do not show up, they will turn these ideas into visions of where we should go next-back to Kansas perhaps. Finally, in this session, participants will think about building their ultimate online learning environment (i.e., their own emerald city). ‘

I found the singing and the costumes rather unlike our usual, more reserved, approach – but then again – here I am typing into a blog – so it must be having an effect…


Curt Bonk says:

Ok, David, glad you got something from the tutorial at E-Learn. It was fun to be there in Hawaii. I guess the pics tell much of the story. See you soon.

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