Children’s Literature and the Fantastic Imagination

For any Religion, Philosophy & Ethics (RPE) students looking for an interesting Semester Two (level 2) module, Dr Debby Thacker will be running a new course – EX250 – Children’s Literature and the Fantastic Imagination – which you can sign up for on-line (it is not an RPE module, buyt if you check, many of you will be able to still do it). Debby can send you the full module descriptor – but here is a taster:

This module considers children’s literature in the context of notions of childhood in which children are considered to have particular spiritual qualities. Students will be able to consider a range of texts whose authors use fantasy to address moral and religious issues, as well as to consider the idea of the child as both subject and reader.



Anonymous says:

This sounds like an amazing module, I might have to just consider looking at it further!

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