Christmas banned?

As the tabloid press starts its usual festive hysteria over the “PC brigade” banning Christmas (see ) – is this accurate?

– the Guardian offers another view – that this is a ‘phoney war’:,,1967368,00.html?gusrc=rss&feed=11

The National Secular Scoiety says that: Claims That Christmas Has Been Banned by Employers are Exaggerated and Misleading.

How do you feel about this: do you feel that xmas is under pressure?

Or is there something else going on?

Looking forward to a festive response…


Anonymous says:

I HATE THE DAILY MAIL. Just thought I’d better get it out of the way first. Right I’m not a fan of chirstmas in the slightest. Fran is not fun at this time of year. However I think the whole idea of banning christmas because of religion is pathetic. I know muslims (they’re not very strict granted) who do christmas so let’s just shut the pc brigade up and get on with it. It’s only a day so lets have fun.I shall admit I’ve not read the other articles.

Anonymous says:

Banned eh? I must have missed that then. what with christmas songs on all the radio stations, every single TV advert and newspaper ad mentioning the word ‘christmas’ countless times, the holidays we have – arent they called christmas breaks? – perhaps the queen doesnt do a speech then on the 25th? and is the tree in the corner of my living room they just for a laugh? Its ludicrous. Christmas may have changed somewhat, and it means a many different things to many different people, but banned? do me a favour santa!

Anonymous says:

I agree with Jason, the idea that christmas has been banned is insane just aske the people who have been forced to listen to big band versions of christmas carols at work since the beginning of november ( i think they wish it had been banned.The fact of the matter is that as soon as something in this country changes the mail goes mad and sees it as a threat to our way of life, Its scary who often you see people yelling how this is a christian country and we need to protect christian values and that if other nations don’t like it they should go back where they come form etc etc but its more likely for a 100% british athiest to complain about christmas than a muslim or a hindu or anyone else for that matter.

Anonymous says:

Oh, well, if we’re thinking about having celebrations for seasons that’d be great. Let’s not discriminate here, really… How about a big spring, summer, and autumn party as well? I’ve read plenty of articles saying if only we napped more, slept more, or had more sex the world would be a more peaceful place. I’m sure if we party more as well… ah, if only.Aside from that slightly sarcastic comment, I gotta say this whole christmas thing is ridiculous. Why are people making such a controversy about this when there are more dire things to think about in the world at the moment?

Anonymous says:

Come on, Christmas hasn’t been banned – there’s no ‘war against Christmas’ There’s no extreme PC brigade. This is typical Daily mail hatemongering that pops up every Christmas, and again at Easter by suggesting that some school has banned hot-cross buns (also not true) and I’m sure eventually they’ll start printing articles about how Rememberance day is being banned because it’s offensive to German immigrants. Maybe if we ignore the Daily Mail and its readership they will go away?

Anonymous says:

the pc brigate are only incorrect in their moderation.what happened to the good old days, when the christians got thrown to the lions at xmas.child molesting clergy, a papist apologee to the equally superflous islamists, take them all down now.replace secularity with eradication and we will be on the right lines

Anonymous says:

i think this is all a bit pathetic

David W... says:

which “this” is it you’re referring to Anon?d.

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