Argument Panic?

As some of you are still frantic looking for examples of bad arguments – I thought a bit of compassion may be in order: take a look at for help: but be sure to properly reference any examples you use.

If people want to add to the comments sections (esp after today once the RPE101 notebook task is complete & handed in) any bad arguments they have either used in that task – or just come across and would like to share – that would be interesting…



David W... says:

Just as a matter of opinion – I like the Texas Sharpshooter Fallacy:

Anonymous says:

Mildly off topic, but if you go to, click cartoons (on the left), find the simpsons, season 17, ‘the monkey suit’, it’s about the argument between evolution and creationism, and teaching both in schools. It’s not deep, but it is funny… Also, south park do a version (starring richard dawkins himself!!) but it’s rather a lot more ‘colourful’. On the same site, it’s south park, season 10, then ‘Go god go!!’. They only seem to have the second part though…

Anonymous says:

I just finished an essay on Jewish feminism. One point that I was following was the ‘un-Jewishness’ of ‘feminism’ – how the two don’t fit together well, being one negates the other in the eyes of tradition. I found this quote by Marla Brettschneider and Dawn Robinson Rose, ‘Jewish women’s identity was forced into impossible bifurcations, for example, being either Jewish or female.’ I think that’s the either/or or black and white, bifurcation fallacy they are rejecting.

Anonymous says:

What did the monkey ever do for me? I say let the monkey suffer!!South Park should be thrown away just like the rest of the trash on TV. Time to play the Game!!!On the subject of the Texas Cowboy, well I never liked the Dallas Cowboys, so down with the Super Sharp Shooter…….

Paul says:

Talking of cartoons, I uploaded a brief explanation of Occam’s Razor yesterday (or Ockham’s!)

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