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Hi – long time, no posts…

Well, the sun has been out, and it has been the holidays.
Anyway, back to it as we are, I thought I would update students (and other interested parties) with regard to changes to the Field (Course) map for next year…

New modules:
RPE108 Greek Philosophy
OTC116, Rome Field Trip (now counts as an RPE module)
RPE209 Philosophy of Mind
RPE208 Religions of India (double module, replacing the Hinduism and Buddhism modules)
RPE307 Close Philosophical Reading

RPE301 Love, Sex and Death and RPE304 Ethics and Reason are both to become ‘double’ modules…

There are other minor changes, linked to changes in the shape of the academic year, but these are the main ones…

Cheers, Dave
[Field Chair, Religion, Philosophy & Ethics]

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