Religion, Philosophy & Ethics (RPE) Staffing Update…

Well, after a very demanding and competitive process (we were hugely impressed by both the quantity of applicants, and the very high quality of them) of selecting a new member of staff to join us on the RPE team, we can announce the result. From next Semester, we will be joined by Dr Roy A Jackson. We are very excited about this – and I have asked him for a paragraph to introduce himself – which is below. I also managed to persuade him to let me have a photo of him. I am sure students will join the staff in making him feel welcome.


I was born in Liverpool and did my doctorate at the University of Kent where I also lectured for a number of years. I have, in my time, taught in secondary schools, colleges and various universities including Durham and King’s College London. I specialise in Nietzsche, Philosophy of Religion, and Islamic Philosophy and recently published two books for Routledge: Nietzsche and Islam, and Fifty Key Figures in Islam. I’m really excited at the prospect of teaching in the RPE department and, of course, experiencing the ups and down of the Robins (Cheltenham Town FC!).


jasonrpe says:

Welcome to RPE – I look forward to meeting you. But first, I have a far more important question to ask. Are you Everton, Liverpool or maybe even tranmere?

Roy Jackson says:

Yes, the more important stuff here: a Liverpool fan. Hope Torres can do the business!!Roy

Lawrence Venney says:

Hello, congratulations on the new job.Im sure he is a Saints FC fan, like everyone should be.

jasonrpe says:

Oh no – Liverpool, as I feared! I wont hold it against you! ( I’m Chelsea btw)

Frances says:

Hurrah a Liverpool supporter!

Frances says:

Although…you are now living in rugby country so you’ll have to support a rugby union team now and the only and best choice is Gloucester

Shelley says:

Hello and Welcome and Congratulations, unfortunately, I don’t share my colleagues’ enthusiasm for soccer or rugby – although canoeing is a fine thing to do on a fair day – so, if nobody minds if I change the subject – your book sounds really interesting about Nietzsche and Islam – I hope it is in the library and I will check it out. You must be a really lucky guy (I can’t think of a better job to have) because all the staff are really friendly and helpful, FCH is a great campus and the students, well, they’re just a bunch of hooligans, but you can’t have everything

Roy Jackson says:

I’ll make sure the library has at least one copy of the Nietzsche and Islam book!! Thank you everybody for the warm welcome; I’m sure I’ll really like it at FCH and, I agree, the staff have been very friendly. I’m used to hooligan students, so nothing new there!! I’m sure we can arrange a field trip to the sacred ground of Anfield at some point…

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