‘Properly Basic’ Beliefs and the Existence of God

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Over at Go Grue they have been having a fascinating discussion regarding Alvin Plantinga’a treatment of whether belief in God is ‘properly basic’.. The nature of the way the authors deal with the argument will also be of interest, I think, to Philosophy students..

The link is: http://gogrue.wordpress.com/2007/08/13/plantinga-on-whether-belief-that-god-exists-is-properly-basic/



jeangenie says:

i think that belief in god is more real than the existence of god.. it is someone’s belief that makes god’s existence… in much the same way that children’s belief in father christmas means that to them he exists, and is very real indeed… it is the belief that is real and observed as existing rather than the ethereal being that they put their trust in..hmmm, not sure if that makes sense at all but it does to me!!!

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