Woody Guthrie: Hard Times and Hard Travellin’

Hi. This thursday (November 8th, 2007) there will be an event at FCH entitled Woody Guthrie: Hard Times and Hard Travellin’.

Will Kaufman from the University of Central Lancashire presents this partly-spoken and partly sung event.

‘Woody Guthrie: Hard Times and Hard Travellin’ is a live musical programme that sets the songs of Woody Guthrie in the context of the American 1930s — the Dust Bowl, the Depression, the New Deal and the state of popular music itself. Will Kaufman brings such hard-hitting Guthrie songs as ‘Vigilante Man’, ‘Pretty Boy Floyd’ and ‘I Ain’t Got No Home’ into conversation with other songs of the Depression Era — from Joe Hill’s ‘The Preacher and the Slave’ to ‘Brother, Can You Spare a Dime?’. These renditions, buttressed by detailed historical commentary, exemplify the blending of music and radical politics that marks Guthrie’s most powerful and evocative work.’

See http://www.uclan.ac.uk/facs/class/humanities/staff/kaufman2.htm for testimonials.

It is 5.30pm in TC006a (FCH) – contact Professor Neil Wynn for more details.


Anonymous says:

Brilliant! I cant wait. I dropped RPE for my 2nd year but am glad Ive come back to the blog… Woody Guthrie is genius!

Anonymous says:

This was excellent – really enjoyed it…

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