Brimsham Green School (Yate) Visit

I am back, fresh from a morning with the Year 13 class (Religious Studies: Philosophy & Ethics) at Brimsham Green School, Yate (nr Bristol!).

I hope they have recovered from a barrage of talk from me (3 hours is a long time) – and thanks for inviting me. I hope you can use the comments here to ask any further questions / post comments. I also wanted to follow up on a few things I talked about.

In reference to Natural Law, I came across a good piece re Aquinas at – and am still mulling over the notion of ethics as relating to the perversion of purpose: and how to translate this into practical terms: how does it help with real ethical situations – other than the sexual ones we discussed (at some length – sorry about that).

Our discussion about life after death wandered into Philosophy of Mind (see for a link re some of the topics) – but I think that this makes sense. In order to even begin to address whether we survive death, we need to know what we are: and as the body is dead, in the ground, lying in a ditch, or cremated – we need to have some sense of what else there may be that could have the potential to ‘survive death’…

We also covered Religious Experience – but I think I may have digressed.. Comments welcome from those at Brimsham Green – and of course any of our students who recall the EdExcel Religious Studies (Philosophy & Ethics) days of their (relative) youth…
Next week – Wiltshire…

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