Malmesbury School Visit

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Another week – another visit. This time I was in Malmesbury, to visit some year 12 and 13 students to talk about applying moral theory to dilemmas.

I talked about the Omelas short story, and the Runaway Trolley Car, and other moral problems. There is a list of some more of these types of moral dilemmas at – and what we noted was the none od us had actually ever faced these decisions at all (yet). We then went on to try and think of dilemmas and difficult choices that we had faced, and whether moral theories such as Utilitarianism were of any help…
The session was lively – and I enjoyed myself – and I think I learned some things – I hope the class did to. So thanks to Mr Shaw for inviting me – and those who were there (or indeed those who weren’t) are welcome to comment here on the usefulness (or not) of moral theory for really facing up to genuine moral problems in life.

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