St Mary’s School – Shaftesbury…

Well -after rather a long drive, this Tuesday saw me arrive at St Mary’s School, in Shaftesbury – where I talked (quite a lot, if I recall) about Utilitarianism.

Those interested in the Omelas short story that I mentioned, and its relation to Utilitarianism can look at some discussions we had on this site by clicking HERE… I also talked about moral dilemmas – such as those at – which might remind you of some of the ones I used in the session!

And – as I said after a simliar session (albeit in the West Midlands, rather than Dorest): For those who thought I was a little tough on Utilitarianism (I have been accused of this) – you can redress the balance at

I hope the sessions were of some use for your AS Religious Studies paper – and thanks for inviting me..

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