St Bernard’s Catholic Grammar – Slough

Friday saw me endure a 5+ hour driving extravaganza as the UK road system seemed close to collapse – or somehow trying to thwart my efforts to get to St Bernard’s Catholic Grammar school in Slough and back…

Despite the traffic, the day was well spent – the two groups a Y12 and a Y13 cohort) were lively and asked good, difficult questions. The first session was on Free-Will and Determinism. Following this up – I found a really interesting video on this. This is an interview with philosopher Daniel Dennett – most known form his work on consciousness. Although the interview does not touch on the religious aspects of the relation to Omniscience of determinism that we talked through in the session – he does offer a model of compatibilism – that attempted reconciling of free-will and determinism that we covered. It should appear below – but if there is a problem – click HERE

The second lecture was on Freud and religion – and I think, from the comments of the group, that we ended with quite a rounded view of his approach to religion. You could follow this up at

I enjoyed the visit – and hope to see you again…

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