Are we ‘demonising’ children?

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We see the launch today a campaign by children’s charity Barnados.

The BBC report is at – and the full video at – also see for an analysis of the debate.

Is it too easy to blame children for the rise in crime, the fear of crime and social disorder that many assert is around us?


Anonymous says:

the child protection act demonised and discouraged many adults from working with children , isolating both communities, youth clubs are almost a thing of the past, and as families become more disjointed adults may view children as pack animals that do not have the nurtured respect that comes from being in the same pack

Anonymous says:

It is likely that more children need protecting from adults than the other way round…

kla says:

the way children bahave descibes their parents. it is parents’ fault, so how we can blame children?it is true, that kids now are horrible, but look at their parents. too tired, too busy or – what is the most important – too young and completely immature. what should we expect when kids have kids?

kayleigh says:

coming from a small town i have never really experienced the behaviour described and portrayed in the banardos advert. i’m certain that this must be the same for a lot of people who grew up in smaller less industrial areas. i do believe it is becoming increasingly easy to blame the children but where do the children’s parents come into this? discipline is vital in the upbringing of children, moreso these days. so many young people are having children and not being responsible enough parents to encourage good behaviour. furthermore, the lack of available productive and rewarding social activites clearly affects the youths behaviour, in my town there has always been a number of youth clubs to give kids something productive to do. without such activities it is easy to be led astray… but this means that someone else is there to offer an alternative, less desirable route. there a more people committing crimes and involving themselves in offensive behaviour to give a bad example and role model to the youths of today and so it isnt any wonder they grow into offensive ill mannered young adults. there is so much to the structure of society to just put the blame on the children. as i have said before there is always going to be someone prior to the children to give a bad example. my very strict personal view is that;if prisons were how they are meant to be (in my eyes of course), no one person would leave willing to go back to crime. they would’ve been stri[pped so much of there human rights (after all committing such offenses, disobeying society, therefore stripping yourself of any rights) that they would strive for a better life and so there would be no bad role models for the future and present generations. having a strict system should inbed in society a kind of fear, thereforea deterence away from crime. (sorry its lengthy)

Anonymous says:

I think it is easy to blame kids for crimes and such and to blame parents for their behaviour. But it is not black and white. In the area i live there are kids who commit crimes and cause grief but that is only a samll minority. Also it is not always the parents fault for example i was bought up with a curfew and discipline yet i still did things which caused trouble for residents in different areas, and still managed to get in for curfew. Peer pressure also has alot to do with it. if you dont follow everyone else your classed as a chicken and if you tell someone about it your a gras. Also in my area there is not alot to do when your 14+ unless you got money.

Anonymous says:

Kayleigh – does fear work?

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