Bertrand Russell: Comicbook Superhero!

I always knew this was the case, of course. A new comicbook (or graphic novel) called ‘Logicomix: An Epic Search for Truth’ has just been published by Bloomsbury. Described as: ‘it’s the story of the quest for the foundation of mathematics, starring and narrated by Bertrand Russell, the British logician, philosopher, mathematician, reformer, pacifist, activist, jailbird and chronic womaniser. It’s set 50 years ago on 4 September, 1939, when Russell arrived at an American university to lecture on “The Role of Logic in Human Affairs” before a sceptical audience, just after Britain had declared war on Germany. The book delves into Russell’s past, his childhood and the first inklings of his search for the certainties upon which maths, and therefore all science, ultimately rest.’

A real page-turner. Move over Batman!

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