Schopenhauer and Love – by Alain de Botton; and Zizek too…

Interesting – but is it that persuasive?



David W... says:

Which video do you prefer? Students can perhaps guess which one I like more!

Shelley says:

I think Alain de Botton created that entire video in order to pursue the sad, rejected (very beautiful) young woman. To me, she didn't seem that cut up by losing the love of her life stretched kittenly along the sofa like Velazquez's Rokeby Venus (Venus at her Mirror). Even if the biological-procreation argument for love holds at a stretch, it omits explaining same-sex love. Zizek, on the other hand, who you can't help but like and be amused by, is married to an Argentinian lingerie model! (making Zizek a brilliant example for Schopenhauer's theory) Maybe Schopenhauer is right: love=procreation, because the conjunct of love and relationship, to me, seems like one of the most ridiculous, preposterous ideas to arise; dissonant, as Zizek says

David W... says:

Yes – I think he comes across as creppy, sitting on the edge of her bed like that!

David W... says:

You can see Zizek's wedding photos (if you like that kind of thing) at

He looks miserable; she looks half his age – what would Lacan say? (she could ask her parents, given what it says about them…)

I love those photographs of Zizek the first time I saw them. He looks so miserable, as though he has been forced into the whole thing.

She might have been a model, but I think she is a psychoanalyst now.

David W... says:

Wedding pics

for pics –

the above one has gone..


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