Philosophy Society Update

The October meeting for the Philosophy Society will be held on the 8th, at 7pm in The Gallery Room above the SU Bar at Park Campus. All following meetings will fall on the first Thursday of the month.

I found an interesting dialogue on “Before the Law” that you may like:
Also, an allegorical similarity has been drawn between “Before the Law” and the Seinfeld episode “The Chinese Restaurant”, where entrance is obstructed by what appears to be an amorphous set of temporal circumstances (note how bribery and charm are used to seduce “the gatekeeper” in Kafka and in Seinfeld). What do you think? Is it fair to draw a comparison between the two? Here are the links to the episode (each about seven minutes):

The link to “Before the Law” is:
And Derrida’s essay “Law of Genre”:

Any questions or comments can be made here or to Shelley

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