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Ethical advice via podcast?
“Randy Cohen, Times Magazine columnist, answers readers’ questions on ethical issues each week.”

I enjoyed some – but the phrase “Cake-free workplace”? : only in America…



Shelley says:

Good Morning, I listened to all the podcasts, the mug that I am (only about a quarter of an hour), and I did think some were interesting. A heavily weighted number of issues were health, food, nutrition related. It made me think of the overall ethical issue of a country that does not provide its people with a healthcare service. The bicycle/landlady dilemma was interesting; the landlady's response to the bicycle is a sinister reaction in order to defend her so-called property rights. A particularly objectionable question is on the third podcast where a father is unhappy by his daughter's university for its policy of spending 25% of tuition fees on scholarships and grants available to students from poorer families: the father called this 'forced charity' and 'redistribution of funds, and hence unethical'. With the economic crisis we are currently all struggling within, centrally caused because there HAS NOT been a redistribution of funds, I find this comment deeply astringent, pinched, narrow, dull-witted and frankly, stupid. How in the world does it get planted in a people's mind that 'redistribution of funds' is 'unethical'?

Luckily though, the philosophy group is reading Marx this month

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