RPE208 Day-Trip to Oxford

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For students on the Indian Religions module:

The plan…

We go to the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford ( http://www.ashmolean.org/ ) on Friday November 5th.

We will meet on the museum steps, at 12:45.

You can get the bus from Cheltenham – the Swanbrook 853 Service leaves at 11am from Chelt (Royal Wells Bus Station) and gets in around 12.30.

It leaves Oxford to return at 6pm (the Museum shuts at 6 anyway) – from St Giles (Taylorian Institute) – where it drops off on the way in…. (near Ashmolean) Back to Chelt 7:35pm.

details: http://www.swanbrook.co.uk/busServicesOxford

A day return costs £10. The museum is free.

A couple of hours in the museum should leave you with time to explore Oxford / shop / eat…

You can of course drive – but I would advise using the park and ride – as Oxford seems to have no public parking left…

Students not on this module can come, but need to let me know..



David W... says:

Well – we made it – saw the India up to 600AD gallery (which was very good) – and they then closed the first floor – with all the rest of the Hindu and Buddhist material on…


thanks to those who came though – hope you enjoyed it…

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