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Upcoming events:

Other than the seminar on 27th February
all other meetings will be held at
Room HC203
Francis Close Hall
University of Gloucestershire,
Swindon Road, Cheltenham.
between 7.30 and 9.30pm


£25 per year, or £3 per meeting
Students £15 per year, or £2 per meeting
Programme Of Events Spring Term 2013

Wed. 30th. January, 2013 FCH Room HC203. Dr. David Webster, University of Gloucestershire, will talk on “Happiness and the Truth of Death: A Dispirited Account of Being Happy without Religion OR Spirituality”. The talk is based on his recently published book by Zero Books.

Wed. 20th. Feb.2013. 7.30.p.m FCH HC203. Prof. Brad Hooker, University of Reading, will talk on “Impartiality”. He is currently working on a textbook on a history of 20th. Century moral philosophy and a book on “Fairness”.

Wed. 27th. Feb. 2013.10.30.a.m. Norwood Arms, Bath. Rd., Cheltenham. Society Seminar: “Telling or uttering the truth?”Click here for more information.

Wed. 13th. March, 2013. 7.30.p.m. FCH HC203. James Derounian, University of Gloucestershire, will talk on: “Big Society or Big Con?: An analysis on Coalition rhetoric, policy and practice”. James is a lifelong community activist, who contributes to the Guardian’s Community web-site.

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