Journal of Buddhist Ethics turns 20..

Journal of Buddhist Ethics

The Journal of Buddhist Ethics is celebrating its 20th Anniversary. Which is great. What is better is that it is free.

Really high quality articles – for the relevant module here – but also for any student. The entire back-catalogue is searchable – and the comment and discussion after many pieces is of a very high quality indeed: see HERE for a recent example of this.

I hope our students continue to make use of it.

Just as an aside.. In the 20th Anniversary Edition there is an article by Abraham Vélez – some of the third years may remember he came to the Buddhism lecture last year with Justin Whitaker (who did some meditation with us), and too part in the discussion. His article is on ‘The Dalai Lama and the Nature of Buddhist Ethics’ – you can download the pdf (free, of course) HERE. Se more on this at :


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