Open Day 12th October

A student learning space at FCH

We have an Open Day on 12th October. Our bit will be at the Francis Close Hall campus of the University of Gloucestershire (there is a virtual tour HERE, but it doesn’t have all the refurbishments done over the summer).

As well as our usual admissions, accommodation, and finance advisers, some RPE academic staff  will not only give a talk – but be on hand to chat to throughout the event. You’ll also spot (in lovely blue sweatshirts) Student Ambassadors, who help with campus and accommodation tours- and answer all kinds of questions.

A lot of the questions we are asked are about course content – and this ‘course map’ HERE may help. As may our leaflet that you can download HERE.

FCH Campus

This blog dates back to 2006 (blogs really are that old!) – and you can look back through the archives to get a real sense of all the stuff we do that is in addition to the lectures, seminars and tutorials that make up the formal sessions. We have an RPE course Facebook group at and this is open to all. It’s often very lively – and is a chance for potential students to get a real feel for the experience here. A lot of our ex-students remain members (some are now teachers, or work in a whole range of careers – but are still in the group and active with current and potential students): feel free to take a look.

 Those who know the campus may be interested to see the refurb of the FCH refectory – so here is a picture:

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