Religion, Philosophy & Ethics gets 100% Overall Student Satisfaction in National Student Survey! (and Clearing 2014)

As A-Level students anxiously await their results, Universities got the equivalent yesterday – in the form of their NSS (National Student Survey) scores. Although there are various scores, the headline one is Overall Student Satisfaction. 

RPE has tended to be in the 80 and 90% area – but this year we can celebrate a result of:

 100% Overall Student Satisfaction

We are quite pleased – so here’s a little video to demonstrate the RPE mood here at FCH Campus today..

We also have some places on this 100% Satisfying course left via clearing – so for your last chance to join us on Religion, Philosophy & Ethics here – visit 


Hilary Weeks says:

Kool and the Gang are REALLY cool.
Congratulations to all at RPE.

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