Video Games and Philosophy: Dr David Webster interviews Robert Jackson

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In this video, Dr David Webster asks Robert Jackson, a PhD student at Lancaster, about Philosophy & Video games.
Are video games worth studying? Why, and in what ways, might philosophers be interested in them?

[We recorded in rather a dark cafe basement in Bath – but the audio is good – so you can hear what Robert is saying!]
Robert is the author of: Bioshock: Decision, Forced Choice & Propaganda.  (Zero 2104)


murat yucel says:

There are some flash games which will make you question life itself. Some PC games are also reviewed as philosophical. Like BioShock Series, Deus Ex, From Dust, Godus, Multiwinia, Osmos, Papers, Please; The Stanley Parable. I have always wondered, if we are in a game. Will Wright says so. He made The Sims from this idea. Watch Morgan Freeman and Through the Wormhole for that. Deleuze and Baudrillard commented on virtual reality. Zizek talks about video games and “so on”.

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