RPE INDIA 2019 Day 1

We (18 RPE students and two staff) flew to New Delhi. Usual delays at customs and money exchange then bus ride in to the city. After a quick change of clothes and a snack we approached the Old city. Here we were immediately immersed in the spiritual landscape of this dynamic and intensely religious city. All of us were plunged in to the heart of the old city on peddle rickshaws to explore the central spice market. The aromas of cardomon, coriander seed and ginger tingled in our nostrils but this was soon to be replaced by the onslaught of chilli dust. We made it to the roof of an old warehouse to be greeted by the city skyline and a number of grumpy monkeys. We climbed back in to our rickshaws and once again negotiated the impossibly busy lanes and alleys which eventually took us to an 800 year old Jain temple. Once in side the noise, fumes and dust of the old city were left behind as we entered what could be described as a beautifully illustrated version of Kaivalya and the story of Mahavira…the electronic dhol drum was a bit of a shocker though!!!

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